5 Brilliant Marketing Automation Hacks for Associations

How Automating your Marketing Campaign Can Save Time and Money The human brain is an extremely complex organ. It contains 100 billion neurons that make 100 trillion connections. It is so complex that humanity is still a long way from understanding the brain in its entirety. Yet, the brain is still 10 million times slower than the average...
discover the brilliant hacks automation brings to associations

How Automating your Marketing Campaign Can Save Time and Money

The human brain is an extremely complex organ. It contains 100 billion neurons that make 100 trillion connections. It is so complex that humanity is still a long way from understanding the brain in its entirety. Yet, the brain is still 10 million times slower than the average computer.

While we can’t move forward without human innovation and creativity, perhaps it is time to reevaluate how and what we utilize “man-power” for. And so, perhaps, it’s time to reevaluate how we use our computers, as well.

Automating the way we drive our marketing efforts can seem intimidating and difficult, sure. But it is actually becoming a simpler process all the time. Note the benefits of automating the way your marketing and sales teams form. You’ll soon notice member and customer relationships are growing.

With all of the vast leaps forward in automated marketing campaigns, we are able to use our employees’ talents and skills where they are more useful. More importantly, we can leave the more menial and data-driven tasks to our computers. Simply because they can process it so much more quickly and easily.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to use a marketing automation platform.

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But Wait, What is Marketing Automation?

If you’re reading this and thinking, “What is this guy talking about?”… let’s take a step back. Let’s explain exactly what automating your marketing tasks means in laymans terms.

The most simple definition of marketing automation “refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks”.

In the most basic sense, marketing automation software takes the most menial and data-driven jobs and does them at a speed that we could never get from a human attempting to do the same task. Automation tools can help with sending newsletters, content marketing, email marketing and a host of other jobs.

Marketing teams specify criteria and outcomes for these tasks and processes, which are then completed by computers. The process vastly increases efficiency and decreases the possibility of human error.

There are so many benefits to marketing automation, and these are some of our favorite ways to use it.

5 Really Awesome Automation Hacks

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1. Collect Leads with Intelligent Contact Forms

One of the questions associations are constantly asking themselves is “how do we recruit new members?” Well, traditional email campaigns and inbound marketing are a good way to convert some people, but what about all of the people we don’t already know?

Each day your website receives anonymous visitors who don’t click on anything. They leave without a trace, and you’re left without any information on who they are, what they want, and how your association can help them.

Converting these anonymous folks into members and customers can be a difficult and long process. But you can cut out some of the person-power with automated marketing. Personalized lead generation forms and landing pages can easily ask any potential member for their email address, phone number, or other identifying information.

use customer data to inform advertising

2. Use Customer Data to Inform Advertising

So now, you’re using marketing automation tools to collect information. You have more information than ever before, but what do you do with it? Well, for associations, we tackle another tough issue. How do we garner revenue outside of member dues?

Automating your advertisement comes in two basic forms: software that relies on monetarily-based algorithms, and software that looks at ad-performance.

The monetary-based systems look at your revenue, conversion, and ROI data. This data is then used to inform how and when your advertisements will display to customers or members. If your association makes sales through your websites, automated software can look at how each item is performing and adjust advertising levels based on how well each product sells.

Advertising-based software looks at how well your advertisements perform. It will optimize the best campaign and pause or turn off underperforming ones. These algorithms are based on thresholds that are set by the operator. You can set up your advertisements to switch off if they receive a click-through rate lower than is economically feasible to keep it running.

You can save your association from needlessly spending money on advertising as well as the person-power to check on this kind of data.

personalized discount emails
3. Send personalized discount emails

Every time that your website gets a visitor, someone will look at a product or service and decide the price is just a little too high. That means that every day you’re losing out on a potential customer or member. So how can you gain back the members and dollars that you’re losing out on?

If this person is a member and you have their email, or if your automated lead collection was able to get an email address, you already have your in. Using the data you’ve already collected, your automated system can send emails to folks who have looked at your products or services the second you put them on sale.

For many consumers, a discount is all the call to action they need to be converted from website lurkers to customers and members.

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4. Stop Asking Questions If You Already Know the Answers

Maybe you have your website already automated to a certain extent. Your website automatically triggers itself to ask visitors for their contact information to be added to your database. But here’s the problem: you’re asking for information that your database already has. This isn’t helpful to your sales reps, and it can be an annoyance for regular visitors to your website. If you annoy a customer or member long enough, they’re likely to just stop visiting your website altogether. And can you really blame them?

In the same way you can automate your advertising using the data you’ve already collected, you can also improve how you collect additional data. Automated marketing software can quickly and easily find out what it already knows about a particular customer and ask them for information it doesn’t have yet. If you already have an email, it can ask for a phone number, the user’s name, or other helpful information it’s missing.

This increase in information collection can help every other aspect of your automated marketing. It helps to inform what your customers and members see based on what they want, what they know, and what you want them to discover.

find out who the loyal members are

5. Automatically Adjust Offers Based on Engagement

No matter how much money a person has, no one can resist a good deal. So use the information you’re collecting to offer people a discount on the products or services they want based on their interaction. Automated algorithms can easily pinpoint your most frequent and loyal customers to give them additional benefits in the form of discounts, offers, and other deals.

This will provide your members and customers with a unique and personalized sales experience. The goal is that it will leave them feeling satisfied with where they chose to invest their time and money. We all like to be rewarded, and we love our members, so why not give them something for all their dedication?

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Offer Dynamic Content Without Additional Resources

The beauty of marketing automation hacks is that we are able to offer our current and potential members so much more than ever before. We can give our members a personalized experience in a way that a marketing strategy based solely on person-power can’t provide.

As computer technology continues to improve, these services will also continue to improve. So if you don’t want to be left in the technological past, look into marketing automation software that meets your association’s needs.

Get your association’s feet wet now. Prepare for the future of marketing, because it will inevitably become further automated. It’s going to save you money, person-power, and most importantly, it’ll increase the efficacy of your marketing efforts.

Source: www.inloop.com